Community Radio Software

RadioApp enables you to easily maintain CRTC and  SOCAN logs, live streaming, plus program and schedule pages. It's a fully accessible and secure way to automate your admin.



Programmers can login to easily document their shows and segments, while administrators can download logs to generate their reports for regulators.

Logs for The Charts on CFRC

Our radio player can be configured to play any stream format that is available on HTTPS including AAC, MP3, OGG, or any modern encoding. The radio player continues playing as you navigate the site or move to another tab or application. 

RadioApp Player on

Administrators can easily add, edit, and delete programs from the station’s schedule, which automatically synchronizes with the program pages, and radio player so they all remain up to date.

Add Timeslot

Show hosts can edit their program pages, which are standardized for consistency across the site but allow for some customization to promote each program’s unique personality. 

Edit Program 64.png

This is an expandable and customizable system to allows you to build additional functionality overtime as your needs evolve.

The app can be added to any existing website, such that it appears to be a section of the site itself. 

RadioApp in CFRC website format

Security & maintenance

All data is hosted on reliable and secure Tier 1 managed servers in Toronto, so any server issue registers with the server host automatically and is resolved immediately.


Backed by AODA requirements for Public Sector Organizations in Ontario, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), plus automated and manual assessments.

"The team at Northern Village has built us an incredible new web application! Allowing our radio programmers opportunities to update their program pages on our website and log their programs in one convenient location has made a huge difference. With the new app, we are also able to track volunteer program content far more efficiently than we ever have. RadioApp has made our work at CFRC so much easier!"

- Dinah Jansen, Executive Director, CFRC Radio Queen's University


To learn more about RadioApp or to access a free trial, please submit the form here. We’ll respond within one business day.

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